SuperFiber New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Its a new biological material technology company founded by Changshu feilong nonwoven machinery Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1987, it covers an area of 80,000 and located in Changshu, a famous city in China. It’s only 70km from Shanghai. It has a net worth of 180 million yuan (about 25 million  dollars). It has 150 senior employees and nearly 1,000 employees. The company is committed to the development and production of nonwoven machinery, nonwoven engineering technology, nonwoven products and sold at home and abroad.

    Feilong nonwoven machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province, 21 consecutive years won the AAA grade credit enterprise, Asian nonwoven industry association and director of China industrial textiles industry units, enterprises through the ISO9001 international quality certification enterprises. In the special technical products of nonwoven machinery, such as: needling machine series, water piercing machine series have won national and provincial major awards. The company  has set up a nonwoven engineering technology research and development center with many colleges and universities , and developed dozens of patents and technologies. In the past 30 years, the company continued investment in research and development nonwoven machinery products and nonwoven process, upgrading of product technology updates and processing equipment, to fill the many gaps in the field of nonwovens industry.

    Superfiber Technology and Suzhou university , Nantong university, Tianjin university of technology, Nanjing university of technology and other colleges and universities, research institutions and high fiber at home and abroad to cooperate on Feilong thirty years operating spunlaced equipment, research and development and industrialization of environmental protection, health, functional and differentiation of nonwoven materials and end products. The company is committed to medical protection, health care, living household and other direction, the product’s positioning in the mid-hig end consumer group.

    SuperFiber Technology covers an area of 15000㎡ and possesses modern dust-free workshop and R&D test center. It is equipped with the most advanced spunlace cross nonwoven manufacturing lines with a  yearly output of about 3000 tons. We also have professional and integrated inspection equipment in nonwoven field while specialized quality control group implements the strict quality control system so as to achieve the quality stability and traceability. 

    SuperFiber Technology has experience production R&D and design team to provide the customers with tailored products, exported to Southeast Asia, North America and European market.

   Silk is one of the core material of the Superfiber technology , its 100% natural silk coiled material and products, maintain the natural green ecological fiber, does not use any chemical additives such as fluorescent whitening agent, textile softener, keep active amino acid, using biological method has the hydrophilic oil wet, moisture permeability and moisture, breaking the limits of the traditional silk application andopening its new appliction area.

    SuperFiber technology Technology is the mobile station of graduate students and the base of production, study and research of Suzhou University.The company has four new materials for research and development and preparation of invention patents. "SF.Live" is a registered trademark of Superfiber technology. The  production base of the company is located in the Changshu Zhitang of the famous nonwoven industry town,Research and development, planning, marketing and customer service center are located in the creative industrial park of Dushu Lake, Suzhou Industrial park, with convenient transportation, resource gathering, economic prosperity, excellent humanities environment, and talents gathering.

    With the original intention of "the heart of craftsman and the success of life", Superfiber technology focuses not only  pay attention to the external color of presentation,but also on the quality of inner experience. Sunfield technology wants to be the friendly messenger of the natural world, providing the global consumers with comfortable, safe and environment-friendly life non-woven products, so as to improve the quality of life of the global users!


     We are focus on spunlace nonwoven field over 30 years and providing the global consumers with comfortable, safe, environmental life-use nonwoven products, working hard on global users’ life quality. Currently we mainly offer spunlace nonwoven materials including whole silk spunlace nonwoven fabric, artemisia vulgaris-tencel fiber spunlace nonwoven fabric, Japan-imported Toona Ciliata(camellia japonica) fiber spunlace nonwoven fabric, etc. The width, pattern, g/sm can be customized. They are all the preference base material for making high-grade facial masks, sanitary towel and cleansing cotton. 


    “SF. Live” is a registered brand of SuperFiber Technology and one big category of Superfiber brand series. It mainly works daily chemical products such as facial masks, sanitary towel and cleansing cotton, etc. “SF. Live” means “SF. Life”, all products are specialized on people’s skin friendly experience and always contains the concept of “ skin-friendly ”and “skin-beautiful”. They not only give the comfortable touch, beautiful impression, but also express a sense of environmental mission.

  • Corporate mission

    Use the heart of the craftsman.

    Provide safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly spunlace nonwoven for global users.

  • Enterprise vision

    We are committed to becoming the leader of new materials research and development in nonwoven field.

  • Core values

    Good faith based on Innovation, Go Further

    Environmental-friendly, healthyShare a win-winLoving, GratitudeKeep improving!

  • The spirit of enterprise

    cherish position and devote wholeheartedly to work;Unity and mutual assistance;Pragmatic and enterprising;The pursuit of excellence.

  • Business philosophy

    Products are corporate image.

    Quality is corporate reputation.

    Service is the soul of the enterprise.

    Customers are the future of the enterprise.

  • Slogan

    The heart of the craftsman, the success of life!

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