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The application of wood pulp compound water

Is a physical or chemical methods such as polymer, fibrous assembly process and form a new type of flexible material, combining the textile, paper making, plastic and leather four advantages of flexible material. Spunlace nonwoven material is non-woven material in high technical content, product style is good, is one of consumer credit products, nearly 20 years of development history in our country, from the ordinary non-woven material to all kinds of functional nonwovens materials got a certain degree of development and application. The water spine composite technology is a major innovation of traditional water - piercing technology. Through the cross, infiltration and fusion of various technologies, the water spine composite technology has enriched the performance and function of the product, and greatly expanded the application field of water spines.

Wood pulp composite water spiny nonwoven material is a kind of non-woven composite material which combines wood pulp fiber and synthetic fiber net with water pricking technology to form two kinds of fiber intertangling structure. This kind of material has strong elongation, good hand feeling, breathable and moisture, etc., and is applied in the medical field based on the advantages of water spearing non-woven fabric.

In 2003, our country is faced with the threat of SARS, the market for which has the function of isolated bacteria or virus medical protective clothing demand is bigger, but the domestic is not conform to the requirements of medical protective clothing production, causing huge import situation of medical protective clothing, but isolated bacteria and viruses of disposable protective clothing is widely popular. The country also issued corresponding protective clothing standard gb19082-2003. Although the water spines are flexible and breathable, the synthetic blood penetration and filtration efficiency are not up to standard. Therefore, the addition of fine denier fibers in the raw materials must be combined with other processing techniques to solve the two problems of synthetic blood penetration and filtration efficiency.

On the one hand, it is necessary to make waterproof and flame-retardant finishing of the non-woven water, and give the effect of non-woven water and flame retardant.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to process the water spiny nonwoven fabric to improve the filtration efficiency of the non-woven fabric.

After "three proofs" (waterproof, anti-alcohol, anti-blood), it has been widely used in foreign countries. Using wood pulp paper and polyester fibres to the spunlaced composite reinforcement technique than using wood pulp fiber air into the net with polyester fabric spunlace composite method of simple equipment, low cost, most of domestic enterprises by adopting the method of the production of wood pulp spunlace composite materials.

Now commonly used surgical draping, gown, etc is also with non-woven fabric, polyethylene (PE) composite membrane, and its products not to drop hair, dyed don't rub off, and the permeability is good its craft and protective clothing and other basic same, but the standard difference.

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