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Wormwood tencel fiber spunlace nonwoven


Brand name: Superfiber / Superfibe Technology

Product name:Wormwood tencel fiber spunlace nonwoven(coils)

Introduction of product

1. Model: SF18007.

2. Color: natural white.

3. Breadth: 100-230cm can be customized.

4. Gram weight: 18-100g/ can be customized.

5. CV value: less than 3%.

6. Ingredients: wormwood&tencel fiber (Can be mixed with other fibers in any proportion, can be customized)

7. Process: spunlaced, cross laying network, shape of texture can be customized.

8. Application: sanitary napkin, diapers, baby diaper, nursing pad cover etc.

Product features:

1. As a carrier, tencel fiber has an excellent moisture absorption ability. 

2. Regenerated cellulose fiber, 100% natural materials, natural degradation of raw materials, natural environmental protection. 

3. Water spine technology, the texture is as thin and soft as silk. 

4. The natural extraction of artemisia by the natural extraction of artemisia, can slow the unique natural efficacy of artemisia.

Product functions:

1. Affinity sikn, light and soft, smooth and dry, breathable and reverse osmosis. 

2. The wormwood has a warm channels, cold pain, maintain beauty and keep young, dry wet itching, anti-aging, warm modes of ancient Chinese music, antibacterial and bacteriostasis, invigorating qi and tranquilizing the spirit natural effect, , such as allergy can effectively prevent bacterial breeding and the infringement, obviously remove odor effects.

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