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chitosan fiber spunlaced nonwovens


Brand name: Superfiber / Superfibe Technology

Product name: chitosan fiber spunlace nonwoven (coils)

Introduction of product:

1. Model: SF18004.

2. Color: natural white.

3. Breadth: 100-230cm can be customized.

4. Gram weight: 18-100g/ can be customized.

5. CV value: less than 3%.

Vi. Ingredients: 100% chitosan fiber( Can be mixed with other fibers in any proportion, can be customized)

7. Process: spunlaced, cross laying network,shape of the texture can be customized .

Application: facial mask, eye film, etc.

Product features:

1.Extraction from non-pollution and blue deep-sea snow crab, natural degradable, is known as "the sixth element of human life".

2. Green and environment-friendly,no skin irritation.

3. The texture is thin and light, such as silk soft skin, elastic, and consistent with the skin texture. 

4. Good air permeability and excellent invisibility. 

5. Keep hydrating and moisturizing for a long time,suggestion with the essence of the use. 

6. Raw materials can be naturally degraded and natural environment friendly.

Product functions:

1. Strong adsorption performance, which can absorb the skin's toxins, melanin, metabolites, color makeup and other residues to achieve the effect of deep cleansing.

2. Excellent biocompatibility and smooth skin. 

3. Excellent moisture absorption and moisturizing properties, which can promote skin to absorb moisture and nutrients, make skin compact, elastic, smooth, white and tender.

4. Bio-based fiber, antibacterial and anti-mildew, anti-inflammation and anti-mite, anti-allergy, suitable for any skin type. 

5. Activate cells, promote cell growth and repair, and promote cell metabolism cycle.

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