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whole silk spunlace nonwoven (Release protein functional silk)


Brand name: Superfiber / Superfibe Technology

Product name:whole silk spunlace nonwoven (Release protein functional silk)

Introduction of product:

1. Model: SF18001.

2. Color: natural white.

3. Breadth: 100-230cm can be customized.

4. Gram weight: 18-100g/ can be customized.

5. CV value: less than 3%.

6. Ingredients: 100% mulberry silk (Can be mixed with other fibers in any proportion, can be customized)

7. Process: spunlaced,cross laying network, shape of the texture can be customized.

8.Application: facial mask, eye mask,cleansing cotton.etc.

Product features:

1.100% silk, rich in 18 active amino acids and various trace elements.

2. Pure natural, 0 added, mild and unexciting. 

3. Lightweight and flexible, transparent and invisible. 

4. The porous natural structure of silkworm silk, as well as the water spine technology of cross-net layer, absorb water, elasticity and air permeability, which is excellent. 

5. The natural solution of the small molecular weight silk glue protein reaches the quantitative ratio, the nutrition is easier to reach the skin deep, without the essence, clean and avoid washing. 

6. Raw materials can be naturally degraded and natural environment friendly.

Product functions:

1. Lock the water for a long time, replenish the water, replenish the moisture content and nutrition of the cuticle of the skin, and improve the elasticity and tension of the skin. 

2. Small molecular weight water soluble spherical silk protein, easy to absorb for skin, promote the synthesis and secretion of collagen, accelerate the repair function of skin itself.

3. Antibacterial and anti-allergy, suitable for all types of skin. 

4. Anti-oxidation, reviving cells, delaying the aging of skin. 

5. Inhibit the generation of melanin and play down the dark spots. 

6. Adsorb grease and clear skin. 

7. Close to the outline of the face, covering every inch of skin. 

8. Make skin moisturized and white, smooth and delicate, crystal clear, compact and tender.

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