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whole silk spunlace nonwoven (Dry and comfortable functional silk)


Brand name: Superfiber / Superfibe Technology

Product namewhole silk spunlace nonwoven (Dry and comfortable functional silk)

Introduction of product:

1. Model: SF18003.

2. Color: natural white.

3. Breadth: 100-230cm can be customized.

4. Gram weight: 18-100g/ can be customized.

5. CV value: less than 3%.

6. Ingredients: 100% mulberry silk (Can be mixed with other fibers in any proportion, can be customized)

7. Process: spunlaced, cross laying network,shape of the texture can be customized.

8. Application: sanitary napkin, baby diapers, nursing pad cover etc.

Product Features:

1.100% silk, rich in 18 active amino acids and various trace elements.

2. Pure natural, 0 added, mild and unexciting. 

3. Thin, soft and silky texture.

4. Porous natural structure of silkworm silk, as well as cross-net layer water spine technology, breathable and moisture permeable, anti-penetration. 

5. Raw materials can be naturally degraded and natural environment friendly.

Product Functions:

1.Affinity skin, comfortable and dry.

2.natural and effective to prevent bacteria from breeding and infecting.

3.Anti allergy, suitable for all types of skin .

4.Long term use ,obviously elimitating the effect of odor.

5.Silk is the natural fiber closest to the temperature of human epidermis, which can avoid the damage to uterus after sanitary napkin is wet.

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